One of the most common problems that we encounter with our drywalls are the holes and other damages in it. Well, no one can avoid such problems. Some are caused by the banging of doorknobs, and some are caused unintentionally. Some consists patching holes, filling dents, and embedding popped nails. However, this is not a major problem if you just know how to fix it. But if you don’t have the capacity to do it yourself, don’t frown! No worries at all, because you can still contact expert handyman services or a landscape design Boca Raton company near you, and surely they got your back.


But here are some tips to help you do it by yourself if you already have some materials to work on it at home.


  • You have different options. You can either repaint the entire wall, or you can just paint the damaged areas by using a smooth cloth that matches the color and surface of the wall that you originally have.
  • However, if you have plenty of damaged areas on your drywall, then you have to cover the patched walls first before you repaint it. Keep in mind that the level of glossiness would also mean that the surface would also look obviously different from the patch and the original paint on your wall.
  • Check the affected area of the wall if it has electric wires or pipes on it. Be careful in fixing those areas.
  • Be careful of the compounds and the sand dust because these might be harmful to your body. So it’s always best to use a protective mask to avoid inhalation of the harmful chemicals. These could also be harmful for your children, so better yet keep them away when you are fixing your drywalls. They might be prone as well from falling heavy materials used in the process of the repair.


Prepare the materials that you need depending on how big or small the damage is on your drywall.

Not everything on the list is necessary, but here are some materials that you would probably need:

  • Flexible knives
  • Utility knife
  • Inside-corner knife
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Drywall saw
  • Drill
  • Hand sander
  • Hacksaw
  • Nail bar
  • Level
  • Drywall compound
  • Mesh tape
  • Paper tape
  • Drywall nails
  • screws



These are a bit annoying when it happens to your walls. Your walls would look like a stained, white shirt. This badly needs to be fixed, right? Or else these small dents have a tendency to become bigger if not given the proper attention. So here’s what you will do.

Remove the loosen or damaged part of the wall by scraping it off. Then apply the compound on the hole/s and level it off to the wall.  Adjust on how smooth the normal texture of your wall is. Wait for the compound to dry as this might take 24 hours. If it already dries up, smoothen the surface until it becomes just like how your wall originally looks like.



This is one of the most common problems that many of us probably encounter. Seeing some popped nail heads just seem to be really unpleasant to the eye. Moreover, it’s dangerous to accidentally get a wound from it.

Just use a hammer to drive the popped nail lower than the level of the surface of the wall. Then remove the damaged or loose particles of the wall.  Then use the compound to cover the vacuum that has been caused by driving the nails lower. Just wait until the compound dries up, and then you are all set!


Small holes are just as annoying as how small dents look like on your walls. If taken for granted, these holes might become a lot bigger than expected. So it needs to be fixed right away. All you need is to use a patch to cover the hole. Place it according to the size of the damaged area. Peel it off and wait for the patch to dry. Then that’s the time that you can apply a second coat. Don’t forget to smoothen the newly fixed wall until it becomes similar to the surface of your original wall.



Medium holes on your drywall look a bit scary if not given the proper action. You might even wonder what’s behind it as the holes are really obvious. Don’t wait for other organisms such as pests to enter these holes. This will cause you a lot of trouble! So it’s best to cover it up right away by doing a repair on it.

All you need to do is cut a square-like shaped piece of drywall. Just estimate and make sure that it would be quite bigger than the hole. Give an allowance of 2 inches at the very least.

Place the patch over the damaged area and make sure it’s paralleled to the scored square-like drywall. Spread the compound and fit the square drywall into the hole. Thereafter, rub in the compound on the patches until it looks concealed. Wait until it dries up, and then use your judgment if it needs to be coated one more time or not. Most importantly, don’t forget to smoothen the newly fixed area.



Large holes on your walls are displeasing and intolerable. It looks like there is another world behind these walls. If you don’t want a “Narnia” portal to accumulate on these walls, then better do something to repair these walls.

First, cut a four sided polygon on the hole by tracing the affected area. If the hole is bigger than 6-inches, attach a wood inside the hole and use a screw to keep it intact. Put on a tape on the patch on the surface of the wood inside the hole facing the opening of the damaged hole. Then cover it with the compound. Just like all the other sizes of the holes, wait for it to dry up. Then smoothen the surface until it’s camouflaged with the texture of your original wall.



This damage seems to be quite hard to fix. But you must know by now, that it’s actually really easy.  Just cut through the affected area of the damage using a hacksaw and remove all the loose compounds. Score it horizontally and vertically to totally remove the damaged area.

Now, score a new piece to fill in the vacuum caused by the damaged part. Make sure that it will fit to the damaged area of the drywall. You can use either adhesive or a fastener to attach it. Finally, apply the compound to the damaged corner and then spread it out until it is leveled to the original surface. By the way, just like all the other processes in fixing a different kind of damages on your drywall, never forget to smoothen the area until it looks like your original wall. So that it would become normal and original again.


This difficulty has been made easier for you. But for safety and in order for you to get the best results, always seek the help of a professional.

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